Quick Facts

  • Orders ship from Alvaton, KY
  • Shipping is free at $50.00 and up!
  • Orders are typically received within 5-8 business days (please allow extra time for large co-op or private school orders).
  • Standard course is 3 days a week for all programs

What is different about Eternity Science's programs?

  • Our complete sets contain nearly all materials that you need to perform labs at your own home. The only thing you need to purchase on your own is a gallon of distilled water.
  • The labs tie into what your student will learn from their textbook each week, and will provide hands-on, direct application of the lessons.
  • The lessons contain vivid images, conversational text, humor and thought-provoking questions designed to drive concepts home rather than just drilling the student on terminology and memorization. Our curricula will help plant a strong knowledge base from which your student can grow.
  • Our programs are designed to be fun, but the applications are real, tested and proven. We have proven that we can prepare children for higher education and a career while providing a sigh of relief to parents/teachers. Check out our reviews pages for some customer testimonials.

Who wrote the programs?

    • Durell Dobbins is a Christian and a professional scientist with a PhD from the University of North Carolina. His own five children were homeschooled from K-12, and he wrote the programs with them in mind.

    What are the recommended grades for each program?

    • All students are different, so please use these as general guidelines. If your student is especially advanced, then please adjust these recommendations to fit his or her capabilities.
    • All students are welcome to start these programs later than listed below. If your student is in 7th grade but wants to start with Colors before jumping into Rainbow, please don't feel like he or she would be behind. Rainbow is high-school level material, so it can be taken as late as is needed to fit the student's schedule.
    • Colors Science is a two-year program generally targeting 5th-6th or 6th-7th grade.
    • Rainbow Science is a two-year program generally targeting 7th-8th or 8th-9th grade. This course is used for two high-school credits - Physical Science (1st year) and Biology (2nd year).
    • Spectrum Chemistry is a one-year, honors-level program targeting 10th, 11th or 12th grade students.
      • Algebra I is a pre-requisite.

    I have two children that I would like to take your course together. How can I do that?

    • Many of our customers have used our programs for two children at the same time. You will only need to purchase an extra lab workbook (and activity book for Colors) for the second child. All of the other products (textbook, teacher's guide, and lab equipment) can be shared.
    • The two children can even be at different grade levels as long as the younger child is within the recommended age group or is a very advanced and capable student.

    Can my child fast-track the two-year Rainbow Science program?

      • Yes, all of our programs are designed to be done three days a week. However, if your child needs to complete Rainbow Science in one year, they can do so in four days per week by completing two lessons on two days and one lab on two days each week.
      • If you fast-track the program, we would recommended using Monday and Thursday as the lesson days and Tuesday and Friday as the lab days so that the student has Wednesday as an off-day in between.

      Are there pre-requisites for any of your courses?

      • Spectrum Chemistry is an advanced, honors-level high school chemistry course. Students should have completed at least Algebra I before beginning the program. Algebra II can be taken in tandem with Spectrum and is not a pre-req. We do have our Bridge Math course available to specifically prepare your student for the type of math that is contained within Spectrum Chemistry.

      My child is not a good reader and/or has a learning disorder. Will he or she be able to handle the program?

      • Because our curricula are designed to build your child’s understanding based on concepts rather than load them down with terminology and memorization, our text lessons are concise and easily readable. Our lessons focus more on the doing of science and grasping of concepts than on reading. Our courses have helped many students, including those with learning disabilities, succeed in not only completing but also enjoying science who before were not interested or severely struggled.