"I used these programs with my older kids who went to do AP Chemistry in 9th/10th grade. The program is excellent... BTW - My oldest 2 have careers in the science field due to falling in love and having a strong understanding of science early. I accredit this to your program. Thank you!! (One is a software engineer, one is a Meteorologist in Air Force)"


"My daughter scored in the top 10% for Science on the A.C.T.! We love The Rainbow and The Spectrum!"


“We used your curriculum for many years graduating three children with homeschooling. Our oldest is a Neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic. Our middle son graduated from the Coast Guard Academy ( top of his class) and our daughter is a manager at the Disney resorts. Your material was a strong foundation to our children's success in their jobs. Thank you! May The Lord continue to guide you, give you strength and to give you a continuous vision for future students.”


“(My Daughter) was laughing while doing the next section of Chemistry this morning and announced 'I LOVE this chem program!!' She had just reached the part where you named the equation 'George' and thought it was the funniest thing she'd seen in a text ever. We got this curriculum because she loved the sample on the website with the picture of the cat to convince the student that chemistry is cute and cuddly. Your sense of humor is making this subject work for us. Thank you!”


“We did bridge math last summer and then Spectrum chemistry this past school year. I appreciate very much the bridge math course because it did a great job of preparing my boys for the math in chemistry. It made the steps of how to solve the problems very clear. I will prepare my younger students in the same way for their high school science courses. Thank you so much for making it available... Keep up the great work!”


“Hi Durell, once again- you have given us a BEAUTIFUL homeschool science program!  This chemistry program looks outstanding- you’re a man after my own heart- I thought I was the only person that matches the color notebooks to the textbooks !!  Your attention to perfection and detail shows in all you do!! As always-  God bless you for making homeschool science an approachable, affordable, achievable, and academically- challenging experience”


"My older two kids have completed The Rainbow & Bridge Math and are now going to start Spectrum – Chemistry... I was so thrilled to find your curriculum and my teens love it… Thanks for your hard work in making a fun and very educational science course for other homeschoolers!"


“We LOVE your products!  My oldest son is in 7th grade this year.  At the MTHEA fair last year we purchased your Rainbow 1st year.  Stanley is loving Science even more than he used to. Being able to focus on the core principles and experiments is making him consider a career in the science field.  I couldn’t be more excited myself.  His enthusiasm has made his younger brothers thirst for the same experience.  I had the worst time year after year trying to find a science program that would engage my kids, have real experiments (not just arts and crafts), and make me feel like the might actually remember this down the road. Bravo to you!”


“. . . Having gone through the preparation of a scientist, I knew what I was looking for in a science curriculum, while not having much luck finding quality instruction for the homeschooler. Your text arrived yesterday . . . I am excited, I am thrilled to have at long last found (The Rainbow). Thank you for writing such an outstanding curriculum. It will form the backbone of my science recommendations for jr. higher at the Classical Christian Homeschooling website.


“It is with great delight that I take an opportunity to talk about The Rainbow before our home school support group. We are enjoying the program immensely–I for the clear concept of each lesson, and my daughter for the kid-friendly explanations.”


Those of you who have multiple children coming at you each day needing supplies … will truly appreciate the effort the Dobbinses have gone to to include everything possibly needed for each experiment. The humor helps me get through the grading of what is normally a very dry subject. The kids get a kick out of the humor, too. They have done an outstanding job with the packaged set and I highly recommend it.


“I had to write and thank you for your wonderful science curriculum! We are a few weeks into it, and my son can’t wait to do more. We have tried many other science books, but yours is the best! Please keep up the good work!”


“We have enjoyed reading the first six or seven sections of The Rainbow. We appreciate your Christian point of view and your style of humor . . . You have the ability to explain concepts in a clear and concise (and humorous) way. Thank you! We are very happy with our decision to purchase your curriculum!”


“Thank you for caring enough to give other homeschooling families your knowledge and love of science, it IS God’s world!”


“I can’t say enough about how great your programs are! My oldest daughter started college this year and is breezing through chemistry with A’s! Also, she tested into a far higher math class than she had hoped for and I credit you and people like you!”