Rainbow Science Reviews


“We would like to thank you, your family, and staff, for producing such an incredible science curriculum. We all have been truly blessed by it this year. Our 13 year old daughter did not enjoy science until she began Rainbow. My husband and I are enjoying it too, and our 10 year old daughter can't wait until she is in 7th grade, so that she can, and I quote, 'do all the super cool experiments.' As a homeschooling mom, I praise you, and thank you for creating a curriculum that is so easy to understand and teach. Science now makes sense to me too, finally. Did I mention that it's fun too?”


This a COMPLETE curriculum…EVERYTHING they will ever need to do their labs is included. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in curriculum. I’m sounding like a 'rep' for Rainbow, but I’m not …I couldn’t speak highly enough about it, even if I were!


“In June of this year I was looking for a science program that all three of my children could study together. We had arrived at a place where their individual courses of study had to be put on hold. After a lot of internet research and numerous phone calls to many companies, we decided on Rainbow’s two-year course. I love it, the kids love it and we are VERY happy with your materials! So far, we have completed the physics portion of the program and I think it gives the very best explanation of physics I’ve seen across many curriculum programs!!! The kids are getting it and understanding concepts that previously had remained a bit hazy to them due to confusing wording and incomplete explanations from other courses."


“My son, 12, and I started The Rainbow this fall and it is the highlight of our day at school. We enjoy the great textbook and it is wonderful having all the equipment available to complete the experiments. We love your sense of humor and are having a great time.”


“I think (The Rainbow) is fabulous. The reading lessons are short but full of concepts terminology, illustrations and beautiful pictures/photographs. The lab book is written to the child so the can do most of the work independently . . . written in a humorous, but not condescending, manner.”


“Thank you so much for writing The Rainbow! My 11-year old son is currently working on the program and he’s eating it up! We’re fairly new homeschoolers . . . finding an appropriate science program was challenging . . . From day one, he hit the ground running with The Rainbow.”


“Thanks for all the time and effort that has gone into the rainbow.  It is a science curriculum we can stick with. We homeschool and that is one of the things that my two older ones love to do is their science.  I love reading the textbook it is written in such an engaging, understandable way.  I recommend it many others for them to at least take a look at.  I know a friend of mine was having trouble with one of her daughters in the area of science and I told her about the rainbow and her daughter looked at it and for the first time in a long time, understood and had hope with science!”


“We loved the Rainbow!  My daughter enjoyed your humor and concise explanations, and I loved the variety it added to our homeschool in those first couple of years after I took her out of private school.  Blessings to your work in the coming school year”


“I wanted to express my appreciation that (The Rainbow) is so well-organized and easy to implement–as a homeschool mom who is also working full time (nights), I consider that to be a real advantage.”


“I am so thankful for the The Rainbow science program. I am intending to use your chemistry for my son for whom science has always been difficult. He is learning alot and enjoying science. I am too!”